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AlMubasher will assist your organization in securing qualified (Support, Professional and C -Level Executives) on both -Short and Long Term basis.

Outsourcing your recruitment process will not only  save your organization money and but also assist in the improvisation of your overall candidate hiring process. Organizations who have utilized RPO have reaped benefits in terms of the reduction of hiring cost, improving their recruitment process and achieving an edge over their com

Effective RPO solutions scale to your business needs, provide access to expertise in filling hard-to-fill positions, respond to fluctuating hiring volumes and deliver a better candidate experience. With recruitment process outsourcing, recruiting is no longer a fixed cost, but a flexible operating expense that enables you to scale up or down as your business needs dictate.

In order to provide the most qualified talent today, our research, recruitment and selection processes are generally conducted globally. As an organization, we are committed to continue to strengthen our leadership position as the strategic, forward-thinking and value-added authority on recruitment process outsourcing.

We understand the dynamics that drive the markets in which we operate. Our seasoned professional team utilizes every available means to ensure that we deliver the most efficient service on a timely basis. We have an excellent understanding of the talent pool and invest our time and resources in rigorous profiling and researching. The end results are thoroughly qualified candidates who are excited and eager about our clients' opportunities.

“When the match is correct, everyone wins."

We will enable you to work through any circumstance that may arise in your organization, with respect to Manpower, without any disruption of service to your customers.

Why should you outsource?
• Ability to redirect time and effort spent on recruitment to other more profitable tasks.
• Eliminate high recruitment expenses
• Do away with regular employee hassles like annual leave, medical benefits etc.
• Our flexible responsive solutions will quickly cater to any replacement required.
• We will monitor Key Performance Indicators and ensure a high level of achievement.
• Guarantee a completely legitimate route of staffing irrespective of employment term.
• Large percentage of monetary savings.
• Assurance of a high Return on Investment.

We are equipped to provide these services to the following industries and more.
•  Education
•  Health Care
•  Financial
•  Hospitality
•  Real Estate
•  Oil, Gas and Energy
•  Aviation
•  Sports
•  Media
•  IT
•  Conferences / Exhibitions
•  Private Companies

Our Recruitment process will employ the following methods of assessment to ensure that individuals joining your organization are suited to the specified job role.
•  Competency Interviews
•  Psychometric Assessments
•  Job Simulations
•  Aptitude and Skill Assessment

If you would like to know more about this service, get in touch with us at or give us your details and we'll contact you!


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